Supercritical UV™ effectively Disinfects Primary Treated Meat Plant Effluent

A large meat processing plant in the South Island of New Zealand are investigating UV disinfection options for their wastewater treatment to achieve an E. coli consent requirement of median <1,000 cfu/100mL and 95th percentile <10,000 cfu/100mL.

NovoLabs™ Supercritical UV™ (SCUV) mobile test unit was set up at the site to analyse the treatment efficiency of SCUV technology at the end of their existing primary Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) treatment system.

A typical DAF treatment system

The inlet conditions (i.e., before UV) of the combined flow from two DAF streams averaged a UV Transmittance (UVT) of 11.6%, and a TSS of 50 g/m³.

The inlet E. coli concentration averaged 6.9 million cfu/100mL with a median of 1.2 million cfu/100mL. The highest recorded E. coli concentration was 23 million cfu/100mL.

NovoLabs™ Supercritical UV™ system has two power settings, standard-power and high-power. Thirty-eight individual tests were conducted to analyse the treatment performance of the SCUV system.

The E. coli after SCUV treatment using the standard-power setting was reduced to 410 cfu/100mL on average.

Using the high-power SCUV setting, the E. coli was reduced to an average of just 55 cfu/100mL!

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