A world-first for treating Low clarity Liquids and Wastewater

NovoLabs™ patented Supercritical UV™ Reactor (SCUV) provides unparalleled efficacy with low and ultra-low clarity liquids & wastewaters. The SCUV utilises a unique “top-down” UV-C delivery system and patented supercritical flow hydraulics to effectively treat turbid liquids that have very low UV transmissibility (UVT). NovoLabs™ SCUV reactor has repeatedly demonstrated pathogen reductions of up to 5 log in liquids of <1% UVT – with a single pass!

Conventional Submerged UV Disinfection

NovoLabs SCUV Disinfection

The Difference is in the UV Delivery System

Conventional ‘channel’ or ‘pipe’ UV reactors submerge UV lamps into the turbid liquids where the germicidal light drops off at an exponential rate. The NovoLabs™ SCUV reactor radically increases UV dose exposure by radiating a thin, fast-moving sheet of liquid from above in a highly reflective treatment channel.

Supercritical flow in action

NovoLabs™ patented Supercritical UV™ Disinfection System can address treatment challenges and significantly reduce treatment costs for low clarity/low UVT process liquids and wastewaters.

Supercritical flow in action

NovoLabs’ patented Supercritical UV Disinfection System can address treatment challenges and significantly reduce treatment costs for low clarity/low UVT process liquids and wastewaters.

Peace of Mind with Parallel Processing

Because NovoLabs™ modules operate in parallel, any individual SCUV module can be safely deactivated and accessed for inspection or service while maintaining full flow throughout the rest of the system.

NovoLabs™ smart system continually monitors flow rates and system status and will auto-divert flow to another module in the event of a lamp outage — ensuring performance protection day and night.

Operator Safety & Ease of Maintenance

  • No drip, no mess: NovoLabs™ modules are mounted on a pull-out slider system with a flip-up lid that makes access for inspection and lamp-change quick, clean, easy and safe.

  • Zero contact with liquids when extracting UV lamps.

  • Suspended lamps means no build-up of film or fouling of lamp sleeves that deteriorate the quality of UV light output.

  • No complicated wiper systems to be maintained.

  • Multiple safeguards allow operator access to the lamps and liquid flow channels without exposure to UV radiation.

Modular Design for Easy Scalability

  • NovoLabs™ Supercritical UV™ utilises a series of treatment modules that run in parallel. Each module has its own control unit to monitor and manage flow and optimise lamp temperature.

  • The modular design allows for the easy addition of extra modules to increase capacity as circumstances require.

  • Standard configurations are 1 to 10 modules in a rack, and these can be configured to best suit your facility’s layout.

  • Containerisation: Whilst NovoLabs™ can install Supercritical UV™ systems into existing spaces within your facility, NovoLabs™ also offers “Plug and Play” containerised solutions with quality lighting, additional power points and aluminium treadplate flooring that allow for quick installation and easy relocation if required.

Powered to your requirements

NovoLabs™ Supercritical UV™ employs the highest quality, long-life, low pressure Amalgam UV lamps that output an optimal spectrum of germicidal UV-C light. Each module is fitted with the number of UV lamps needed to provide the required output for your application.

Optimising Efficiency to Save you Power
  • Lamp temperature significantly impacts on UV output performance, so the NovoLabs™ system constantly monitors and actively manages lamp temperature to ensure that they are always operating in the optimal temperature window for UV-C light output. This contrasts with conventional ‘submerged’ UV lamp systems which have no active temperature control.

  • NovoLabs™ ‘Automatic Flowrate Management System’ makes use of the parallel processing configuration to automatically ‘jog’ modules on or off in response to variations in flowrate — optimising efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Easy User Interface

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use PLC Interface and flow meter array makes operating and monitoring straight-forward.

  • Capability for remote access monitoring and control.

Discover The Future of UV Disinfection

Novolabs™ Supercritical UV™ Disinfection — UV Treatment for Low Clarity Liquids