Side by Side Comparison with Conventional UV

A town of ~17,000 people treats its municipal wastewater and a large amount of trade waste received from multiple factories. Its treatment system consists of anaerobic, aerobic, and chemical treatment of its effluent prior to UV disinfection.

In a trial conducted at the site, Novolabs™ Supercritical UV™ system was tested side by side with the existing submerged channel UV system which had been supplied by one of the world’s largest UV companies.

Inlet conditions prior to UV treatment were:

UVT of 30.5%,
TSS of 50 g/m3, and
E.coli concentration of 3,890 MPN/100ml.

The Results

Traditional UV System at 67 J/L =  1,965 MPN/100ml
NovoLabs SCUV at 78 J/L =  50 MPN/100ml
NovoLabs SCUV at 156 J/L =  below detection limit <10 MPN/100ml


SCUV achieved >2-3 log reductions better treatment than conventional UV in what were relatively ‘easy’ conditions for the SCUV, but too challenging for the existing conventional treatment.

Novolabs™ mobile testing units are available for testing your liquid, using your lab, on your site.

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